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Released in paperback, hard cover and ebook on June 7th 2024.

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Bio-About me

A. Rose weir is a local author, born and raised in Dunedin, Florida. Self-labeled as old-souled, lesbian, and formerly disabled, she uses those hardships that built her as inspiration to create. Not bound to any set genre, she is finding new ways to welcome readers into worlds of fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Her previous focus was on personal and deep poetry, as well as a short fiction story for middle grade/YA voicing the importance of self advocacy at a young age. After compiling years of poetry, she published her first book, Silver Linings, through Two Penny Publishing, eventually connecting with Voyages Publishing: Aurora Prism Editions to create larger works.

In addition to writing, A. Rose Weir fully enjoys her work as a massage therapist. Outside of work, she enjoys downtime with her wife and family doing crafts, being out by the water, or taking quiet time to read.

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